Saturday, July 22, 2006

Grayslake, IL Motorcyclist killed by ROW violator

Grayslake motorcyclist dies after he's hit by SUV | Chicago Tribune

John R. Russell, 39, was killed by "a teen" driving an SUV making a left turn. "The youth was cited for failure to yield the right of way".

Once again, a man is dead and the person responsible is given a traffic violation.  I'll just never understand.

Friday, August 12, 2005

How Can This Happen??

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How can an illegal alien violate not only our immigration laws but violate our criminal laws five times and still be driving around without being deported or jailed? Now Ramiro Gallegos, of Supply, NC., has killed a father of two children, injured the mother of two, so badly that weeks later she is still in a coma. Now we all know that since Gallegos was caught only five times, can you imagine how many times he has violated the law and safety of the general public without getting caught?

Every governmental department that has come in contact with Ramiro Gallegos, from the immigration authorities to the Judges that failed to administer adequate punishment to the legislators that continuously fail to provide the laws that deter this kind of crime, should be held responsible. Each and every one of these officials has failed miserably. Now a family is destroyed and to say that their lives have changed is such an understatement. Every aspect of their lives will be altered and a sadness will follow them all the days of their lives.

An illegal alien who has no legal right to be here or to drive on our highways and certainly not the right to endanger lives has simply brought to the attention of the sleeping public what has been going on for some time. Our immigration officials simply look the other way because of "some alliance our president has with Mexico"? I certainly don't understand or know why.

Our police make a personal judgement call each time they stop a violator. Not all police cars have breathalyzers. Do they make an arrest or make a big deal out of a maybe offender? Our judges either bend under pressure of defense attorneys, public scrutiny. or the pressure not to add to our prison overpopulation. I don't understand it or know why. Our legislators certainly know that the laws are ineffective, poorly written and full of loopholes. Why do they refuse to act? I don't understand it and certainly do not understand why. Who benefits from the legislation's lack of action? That's a very good question, isn't it?

I recently read in the Greensboro, NC. newspaper that a member of the NC Conference of District Attorneys said “Most people think of murder as killing someone with a knife or a gun. It’s a difficult concept for many people to see a vehicle as a weapon”. I think this member of the NC Conference of District Attorneys under estimates the intelligence of “most people” by making such a statement. Most people know a vehicle can and has and will continue to be used as a “weapon” until our laws, judges and the apathy of the general public changes. It is not until you are a surviving victim or a mangled victim that you realize our criminal justice system is a sad, sick farce.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bob the Bounty Hunter

I heard about a local radio dj developing a segment of his morning show to help catch some of our local bad guys.
In reading the article that describes the progress of his endeavor, one particular capture was highlighted.
Chanell Howell of Selma, NC is a felon who has been wanted on federal weapons charges since last year after officers found drugs in her home.
Authorities got a break when Howell's probation officer happened to hear "Bob the Bounty Hunter"! The probation officer called the sheriff's office to notify them that Howell had a scheduled probation meeting.
When Howell showed for her probation meeting, officers surrounded the building and arrested her.
Was the sheriff's office unaware that Howell was on probation? If so, how can that be???
Also, why wasn't Howell's probation officer aware that Howell was a currently "wanted felon" BEFORE he just happened to listen to Bob the Bounty Hunter radio program????

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Hard to believe it is not a law already

According to the original news articles, Emily Caveness actually hit Stephen Gates as he changed a tire on the side of I-40. She proceeded to drive several miles and had no intention of stopping until flagged down by witnesses to the accident. She pulled over at this point and Rabah Samara proceeded to drive them to Raleigh where he was stopped by Raleigh police and charged with DUI.

I think that this article on "closing the loophole" is very misleading in that Emily Caveness did not stop immediately as is implied in this article but several miles down the road. This article also does not mention the fact as in other articles in Raleigh News & Observer and Durham Herald that Carl Fox, DA for Orange County made a plea bargain and she was only charged with a misdemeanor (Maximum sentence of 60 days) of "failing to report an accident". Outrageous!!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Seatbelts save lives??

It has come to our attention that the South Carolina Highway Patrol has a state produced propaganda video in DVD format that they are using to make their case for "seatbelts save lives". There is a long segment in the middle where it shows pictures and names of people killed on SC roads who were not wearing their seatbelts. In the middle of this video is Jay Jarman's name along with his picture!

How can SC Highway Patrol use Jay as a statistic for seatbelts when motorcycles aren't equipped with seatbelts?? SC is sending the message that Jay was killed because he didn't wear his seatbelt. He was killed because two thugs violated his right of way and left the scene!

If SCHP has included Jay in their seatbelt statistics, we can only assume that they have included other motorcycle deaths (and probably bicycle deaths and any other vehicular death that isn't equipped with seatbelts).

SCPD had the nerve to imply that we should feel sympathy for the men that mowed him down because they were not "people of means", Judge Hudson, judge for the first bond hearing felt compelled to threaten our family and negotiate a deal to release them from their bond (he was later reprimanded & denied future office), the court system felt that the youthful promise of Brogan & Urban was more significant than their "poor judgement" that killed my brother and quickly awarded them the "privilege" of probation, and NOW the SC Highway Patrol (without our permission or prior knowledge) wants to USE Jay's death to pad their seatbelt statistics!

This is an outrage!


Welcome to JFJ blogger.
This site began as a tribute to Jay Christopher Jarman.
In the early morning hours of Saturday May 17, 2003, less than 24 hours before his 36th birthday, my brother was killed by a hit and run driver.
Two people from West Virginia, the driver, Brandon Lee Brogan and his passenger, Mark Daniel Urban, altered our lives forever when they hit my brother and left him to die on Hwy 17 N in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
We hope to utilize this addition to the site to highlight relevant news as well as help other victims in their quest for Justice.