Justice For Jay

"Justice will only be achieved when those who are not injured by crime
feel as indignant as those who are."
- King Solomon

The Intersection

The Intersection of King's Highway and 27th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This was Jay's view of the intersection as he traveled North on King's Hwy approaching 27th Avenue North.

Brandon Brogan & Daniel Urban say that they stopped at the stop sign and they both looked both ways and then they claim (under oath) to have pulled to the middle of the six lane expressway, stopped and both of them looked before proceeding to collide into Jay's motorcycle, sending Jay airborne over their customized 1995 Mustang.

Witnesses tell a different story: "come out of nowhere", "flying", "no headlights"
Several witnesses gave chase, but couldn't catch them. Brandon Brogan & Daniel Urban stopped miles away, but only to check damage to their car. Brogan & Urban say they were afraid of the bikers so they raced home to St. Albans, West Virginia.

The maroon SUV on the left shows where Brogan & Urban crossed into the intersection heading East (indicated by the white car on the right).

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