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"Justice will only be achieved when those who are not injured by crime
feel as indignant as those who are."
- King Solomon

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Jay was an organ donor.

I think so many of us take that small red heart on our drivers license for granted. It sounds like a nice idea when we're asked as we renew our license, but how many of us really think about it?

Jay and Vickie talked about their participation in the organ donor program. He intentionally and with purpose, chose to be an organ donor.

In early June we received a letter from LifePoint...

At this time I would like to share some information with you concerning the patients whose lives were touched by Jay's gift of life though organ donation.

Both of Jay's kidneys were transplanted in Florida. The left kidney was given to a 68 year old divorced father of one child. He had been working full time as a car salesman before the transplant. He was placed on the transplant waiting list in October '02. His organ function after surgery was slow, but his physicians are hopeful for a complete recovery.

The right kidney was given to a 63 year old disabled father of two children. He had been married for forty years and worked and retired from the state of New York. He was placed on the transplant waiting list in June '01. His organ function was not immediate, but he is continuing to improve and is looking forward to better health because of your kind donation.

Jay's liver was transplanted in Virginia into a 54 year old married gentleman with children. He enjoys reading and football. He was placed on the transplant waiting list in January of this year. His organ function after surgery was good. He and his family are thankful for your decision to donate the gift of life.

Jay's heart was transplanted in South Carolina into a 65 year old father of adult children who enjoys being with his family and his dogs. He is retired from a trucking company and was an aviator in the military. He was placed on the transplant waiting list May 16th of this year. His organ function after surgery was good and his condition was good. "I am grateful for your donation and sorry for your loss. Thank you."

Jay's pancreas was recovered, but after careful evaluation, it was determined to be unsuitable for transplantation and was sent to the Diabetic Research Institute for research purposes. The information that will be obtained from Jay's pancreas will help to make future pancreas transplants more successful.

... Your decision to donate was very generous and says a great deal about the kind of love and strength you shared with Jay. I hope that love will comfort and support you through the difficult days ahead.....

(name withheld)
AfterCare Coordinator

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