For those of you that have visited Jay & Vickie's house or know our family pretty well, this probably needs no explanation....
but for everyone else, I'll explain.

It's not hard to imagine how busy a house can be raising two outgoing, active boys. LaCrosse practice, basketball practice, getting together with friends, doctor appointments, etc. Throw in family celebrations, get togethers, and church commitments. The schedule can get absolutely crazy.
Quite a while ago, I was at their house trying to help Jay solve a computer crisis. We'd finished up and it was time for me head home. I managed to grab a turn in the bathroom before heading out.
I couldn't help but notice all the writing on the mirror!! Laughing, I asked Jay, "Big Jay! What is up with the bathroom mirror?!" He just grinned at me and said,
"well,'s the one room in the house that you know everybody will visit eventually...."

As strange as it may sound, I've started writing notes on my bathroom mirror too. I write lyrics that remind me of Jay, notes to myself, anything...and it always makes me smile and feel closer to him. I thought this would be a nice way for us to share some of our personal memories, notes, thoughts, etc. Click on a name to read the writing on our bathroom mirrors....