My grief is eternal, my tears are ever flowing, my heart is ripped to shreds and I wonder how and why I keep doing the same everyday things that people call living. I question the meaning of existence and hence, the meaning of life with all it’s pain and disappointments, then I remember Jay’s smile and his joy of life, his ever abundant pure joy of being. As I sat next to him in the intensive care, knowing that his spirit had already left our realm of existence for a much better place, I grasped and held his lifeless hand and I could only think about how happy he had been just hours before; how happy he was. He radiated joy.
My grief is all consuming with thoughts of what might have been for Jay, for what he had to offer to his family, his wife, Vickie, his boys, Jay & Joey, his employer, Stephen at Biker’s Blvd, his co-workers that he loved so much, his customers, his friends, of which there are so many, to the biking industry. He was just reaching a point in his life that he was about to soar in all aspects of his world.
I mourn for the senselessness and abomination of his death, the cruelty of leaving him all alone, bleeding in that city street with no one to comfort him. I can’t comprehend persons so lacking of feeling for one of God’s creatures that they were only concerned about their not having insurance on their car? Or the alcohol in their bloodstream? Drugs in their car? They would leave a person to die in the street thinking only of themselves? If convicted of their confessed crime, the sentence can be 2 to 25 years, a mere interruption in their lives of self-indulgence. I cannot and will not forgive them, they have not asked for forgiveness nor have they shown any remorse.
I curse at the blunderings and tainted judgment of police, magistrate and the SC justice system. Two hundred thirty one days as of today and not one time have Brandon Lee Brogan or Mark Daniel Urban been even slightly inconvenienced by having to make even one court appearance since they were charged…..not one!