Justice For Jay

"Justice will only be achieved when those who are not injured by crime
feel as indignant as those who are."
- King Solomon

Mom's Letter

Even the roughest of Harley Riders understand the symbolism of a teddy be...warmth, love, friendship, nurturing, patience, security, compassion, reliability. A loveable warm teddy bear is how I have described him so many times as I boasted of his love of country, his family, his dogs, his church and his love of motorcycles. A mother could not be more proud. His values were more honorable than anyone else I know, including my own. What more could a mother want, than to know she had played a part in creating a wonderful human being that made a difference in so many people's lives.

My world exploded when my son, Jay Christopher Jarman, was run down by "two unknown individuals" on May 17th at the Harley Rally in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. These self-serving "unknowns" thought only of their own destiny and left my baby boy lying on the pavement to die. A blatant repugnant display of inhumanity.

Surely even God shed a tear at the lack of decency and compassion exhibited by the two "unknowns" as they fled to their home in West Virginia. My contempt for them will forever be.
Adding to the torment of the slaying of my son is that these "unknowns", after finally realizing their inevitable discovery, came back to SC and confessed to their crime. I give them no praise for their "much too little, pathetically too late" act. I care not, nor should I, that they come from an impoverished background. I simply do not care! Poverty is not an excuse for a lack of morals, decency or compassion. My son started with nothing.... nothing! He worked hard and long at menial backbreaking jobs. Jay learned and improved his lot in life through hard work, honesty, being responsible, taking pride in his work and doing the right thing by others. The 300 or more attendees at his church services were a testament to his life and character. Jay's family and friends are a confirmation of his honorable and loving character.

The agony of knowing that these "unknowns" are free and at their home with their friends and family is cruel and unjust torment. My contempt for them, and now even the administrators of the "supposed" justice system, grows with each passing minute and the pain is unbearable. Not only have they taken my son from me, but they have been allowed the freedom to celebrate the holiday that was meant to honor people such as my son. I scream with the injustice of it all.
These "unknowns" have been rewarded for their acts of leaving him to die. No proof of alcohol is available to us now. I know in my heart that they were drinking. I know we can't prove it now. They have had a week to go over and perfect their "confession". The vehicle has been aired and all evidence removed. Legally they did themselves a favor by their barbarous self-serving actions.

If anyone would take the time or initiative to investigate the crime scene, it is a forgone conclusion that the "unknowns" did not stop at the stop sign at 27th Ave N nor did they proceed to the median on King's Hwy/Hwy 17 N and look for oncoming traffic as they claimed. They barreled through this major six lane intersection and killed my son! Look at the intersection and know it was 3:30 in the morning...! Even the Myrtle Beach Police Department Accident Report indicates that the perpetrators were traveling at 45 mph. There are two witnesses to the hit and run. I have heard (but not proven) that the killers were traveling at a much higher rate of speed.
Jay had been in Myrtle Beach less than three hours. He had worked all day at Biker's Boulevard in Raleigh, NC, getting other bikes ready to travel. He rode to Wilmington to stop by my house to hug my neck and get his birthday present. His 36th birthday was the next day, May 18. He was looking forward to the recognition and acknowledgments that would be bestowed upon him from his friends and attendees...the bike he had built named "Spike" was now on the cover of a leading biking magazine, Easy Rider (June 2003 issue).
The perpetrators are now known to me and their names are public information. Brandon Lee Brogan (18) driver of the car and Mark Daniel Urban (21) is the owner of the 1995 Mustang that killed my son. Both men are residents of St. Albans, West Virginia. Yes, now they have been charged, as of May 31, with leaving the scene of an accident with death involved. Myrtle Beach County Judge Hudson put them under $25,000.00 bond each. Judge Hudson said the reason that the bail was set high was because of threats to their lives (at which time he warned my son's family members of the seriousness of the situation); and then he also said the potential for their not returning for court date set at July 25th. The men were detained at that time, transferred to Horry County Detention Center and promptly released on their own recognizance. Obviously, the whole bond ordeal was a show for Jay's family only.
I plead with you to do whatever is necessary to bring about speedy and just action.
In agonizing grief and anguish, I remain
Brenda B. Jarman

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